Buddhism will be gone!?

Buddhism will be gone!?

Now let's think about what the future holds for Buddhism in Japan.

Considering the current state of affairs, is Buddhism going to continue to decline?

It is true that it is difficult to relocate temples in rural areas due to the strong impact of the declining population,butin urban areas, "Kaikyo" is becoming more common, and there are examples of people trying to revive Buddhism in urban areas where the population is concentrated.

What's a "Kaikyo" ? Creating a new religion?

In Buddhism, "Kaikyo" means spreading Buddhism to areas where there is not much penetration of Buddhism. It is also known as building a new temple in an area where there are no temples. There are many people in the city who are not local, so it is effective to spread Buddhism.

Is it really that easy to build a new temple?

It's not easy, but there are some places that use ordinary houses as temples. When you build in a place that meets the requirements of each denomination, you will receive a grant from the Buddhist sect.

So it's not like there's no way for Buddhism to survive in Japan.

Even though temples have been destroyed in the past, they have remained in Japan. I think that Buddhism will continue to exist in Japan from now on.

But you know how temples in rural areas are empty? Wouldn't you lose the Japanese Buddhist tradition if you went with the urban people?

In areas with serious depopulation, there are many people who aim to rebuild their temples in the face of the dwindling number of Danka, or who work as priests with the intention of ending the practice in the future.
Buddhism is likely to have an even harder time in the future.

So how hard is it to maintain the Buddhist traditions of the past? I'm going to miss interacting with the local temples and monks.

I think some of you may have felt tied to the old system. I don't think I'm the one who has to go through a lot of changes over time.

People have different opinions about that part.

Hmmm... I'd hate to be so different.

It's important to get your feelings out there like that. The temple near where you live now may change in some way because of your opinions!

We're going to make the future.


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