Buddhism visit to Japan for the first time
Buddhism and the Shogunate(The Japanese past government)
The Meiji Restoration(Japanese revolution)

Buddhism visit to Japan for the first time

Do you know the history of Buddhism in Japan? In fact, Japan had Buddhism from around the sixth century.

I do not get a real sense after the old days.

You probably learned in history lessons that Prince Shotoku built Horyuji Temple,Nyanta.

Let me see. It is the Buddhism facilities that adopted the procedures of the ancient temple. It may be said that Buddhism strongly affects Japanese history when I do it this way.

I come out to class plenty.

Only an image making has a temple somehow

Buddhism, the way of the temple changed by the times. Then I will learn about a change of Buddhism along the times

Buddhism and the Shogunate(The Japanese past government)

First of all, from the arrival of Buddhism to the Kamakura period, the building of temples and the initiation of sects, as Mayan said, is notable.

When there were a disaster and an epidemic, a Buddha statue was made

However, it was not until the Muromachi period that Buddhist revolts began to occur, and the government of the time, fearful of the strength of the faith and the revolts, began to suppress Buddhism.

Is that it is with Enryaku-ji Temple destroying it by setting a fire on Nobunaga Oda?

There are many theories as to the cause. For example, not all of the government approved of the suppression of Buddhism. In the early Edo period (1603-1867), a prohibition on the construction of new temples was issued for the purpose of controlling religious sects and temples, and the religious system of the shogunate was established. In addition, in order to develop new fields in each village, the government encouraged the practice of "one village, one temple" and the number of temples in each area increased.

I was required to become a congregation (supporter of a Buddhist temple) at this time

Wow!Japanese Buddhism and the government used to have a lot to do with each other!

When the Meiji Restoration happens

After the Meiji Restoration, the separation of Shintoism and Buddhism had an impact, and temples were destroyed as Shintoism became a border state. This is the first time in history that a Buddhist priest has been able to do this.
Kagoshima was quite affected by this, and in 1874 the temples and monks disappeared completely for a time. nnto

That's too terrible...

They are made to make a temple by the government and destroyed, and I am influenced, and it is tough

Buddhism, the Shinto were taken in under the wartime by the government, and some denominations seemed to change a doctrine afterward to be convenient for war.

It's a very big impact...!

Though it may be what there is no help for it, there will be the annoyed person

After the war, GHQ's agrarian reform forced some temples to sell their land at a discount, and they fell into decline. The effects of this are still present today, and in many cases, temples whose land is in an unnatural shape are an after-effect of not being able to buy back the land.

Handling of Buddhism was considerably changed during history in Japan when I did it this way

It often leads to the present problems. Then I will see current Buddhism


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