Has everybody thought about religion in their surroundings so far? The change of the funeral way and various changes including the decrease in the temple is taking place in religion in current Japan. Everybody considered what it was about this until now, and might you think? A person not knowing it well and the person feeling that it seems to be difficult to think that there is many it, but the religion is originally familiar for us. The future problem of the religion is often concerned unexpectedly in its own future including the thing of the grave of oneself and the family and the thing of the Shinto shrine with many people going and worshiping at knots such as the New Year. In this site, I will learn about religion with these animals happily


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Hello.My name is Usami.I am in charge of this class. Now, everybody, let's introduce ourselves.

Hey.I'mNyanta.I do not like study. Do you understand?

I amKumagai.Nice to meet you.

I am Maian White.Call me Maian.

Topic discovery

Did you do something this week, everybody?

I ran a race with Maian yesterday and played.

I entered the grave on the way, and it was tough. But it was fun!

(I guessed it would be hard for everyone to catch me if I hid in the grave.)

that's too bad, Nyanta.It's may Bachiatari.

Oops! Even if I lived on anything, it came out!

(I know it with your expression)

Anyway,what is Bachiatari?

It means that God will punish you because of your bad action.

OK,I understand that it is me.But...what is God? What was wrong with my conduct?There's nothing but square stones,durty stones,dirty stones and statue which made from stone in the graveyard.

There is a dead ancestor in the grave. In other words, it is a house.

Grave? My mother said "Dead goes to the sky and become stars"


It is a good question.Today,let's learn about Japanese religion.



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